Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Mocanaqua Loop trail

The Mocanaqua Loop trail is a place I visit often for day hikes. It's close to home and has much to explore, whether it be one of the 4 loop hikes ranging 2 miles up to 8 miles. There is also some good look out points that are off trail, they happen to be some of my favorite views. Make sure to explore this area and find new and different things.

The whole area is an old mining area and there is plenty of evidence of this. The trails bring you by multiple old foundations and some more intact buildings.

If you know where to look you will find a place very popular to rock climbers, they call it the library.

The Library
One of the old buildings you can find on the blue trail.

This one of the off trail views, happens to be my favorite place to explore.

Here is a video trip report I did September 2013. In the video I stick to the trails and show off some of the on trail views. I also discuss some hammock gear I happened to bring along to setup for a lunch break.

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