Tuesday, December 9, 2014

DIY top quilt

I have been trying to get into DIY gear making for awhile now. I have made some easier projects like stuff sacks and pillows. I will try to post in the future more of my projects and maybe some tutorials.

 This is the machine I have been doing my projects with, it's an Old Singer Style-omatic 328k. It works well and I found it at a garage sale for next to nothing.

Singer Style-omatic 328k
As far as my top quilt goes it's more of a show and tell not a tutorial. I made my quilt from Argon 67 fabric for the inner and outer shell. The insulation I used was Climashield Apex 2.5 oz.

You can get Argon fabric from
Purchase the insulation from

I loosely followed the plans from I made my foot box different than they suggest, I wanted a sewn style foot box. I made mine a squared bottom, the same way you would make a square bottom stuff sack. The finished quilt weighs 10.5 oz in stuff sack and I brought it comfortably to the low 40s F.

Top quilt plans from

Here is a link showing how to make a square bottom stuff sack. It's how I basically made the footbox, and I followed the same plans to make the stuff sack for the quilt. Stuff sack plans from

Foot Box
Quilt in stuff sack

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